How beer came to Brass

Some time ago, Christian from drew my attention to the #BG2GETHER campaign and asked if I would like to take part. With #BG2GETHER, various bloggers, podcasters, vloggers etc. create a post once a month on a topic from the world of board games and link to each other. For me, this is a great opportunity from which all participants benefit through networking. The reader gets a diverse approach to a particular topic. After the break due to the Spiel23 trade fair, the full link list continues today.

Let's assume that by some stroke of luck you should get more money than you can ever spend. What board game crazes and dreams would you realize with it?

You enter the large, sparsely lit room with your gaming group. Your gaze immediately falls on one of the heavy, dark wooden shelves, on which old, leather-bound books of various sizes and formats stand. The stone slabs of the floor are criss-crossed with mysterious stains and patterns, as if they were the shadows of those who searched for forbidden knowledge in the darkest corners of the library. The high vaulted ceilings seem to be haunted by indefinable shadows that seem to move in the faint light of the flickering candles.

In the center of the room stands a massive wooden table, marked by the weight of time. "Welcome," you suddenly hear from a dark corner and a smartly dressed man with a full beard and nickel glasses steps into the light. "My name is Professor Walters, I will be accompanying you through the evening and providing you with advice and assistance. Please take a seat and I will introduce you to tonight's selection of games from the Arkham universe."

This or something like this is what it would probably look like if a gaming group entered a themed room in my board game café to spend a great evening together. Of course, this is just one of ten different themed rooms that can be found in the café and turn board games into a shared experience. There is also a workspace for developing your own games, rooms for painting miniatures and a workshop for building terrain. The most important thing, however, is to bring people together to play and forget the stressful everyday world for a few hours, because let's be honest: it's usually the time that's missing - and not the money!

In my private life, I would probably devote much more time to the origins of this blog. It used to be called Digitales Gelände, which had a reason:

What accidents have happened to your board games?

But now for the bonus question. Anyone who has read this far will probably have wondered what all this has to do with the cover picture and Brass. The answer is quite simple: game night, Brass was the second game on the table.

Shortly after the game started, a fellow player spilled a whole glass of beer over parts of the board and his still well-filled player board. In a flurry of excitement, everyone jumped up from the table gesticulating wildly to collect the floating industry and connecting tiles. All the handkerchiefs, towels and even items of clothing were hastily gathered together to prevent the worst from happening, as cardboard and liquid don't really mix well.

Looking back, the scene was pretty funny. In the end, nothing happened to the game material. After drying, the swollen tiles were glued together with wood glue and pressed back together. I can no longer say which color was soaked in the beer. The player board and the game board didn't suffer either. Fortunately, there were only three of us, so we were able to continue the game with the paint that remained dry.

Fittingly, Brass Lancashire was on the table, which does without the resource beer. Who knows, maybe something similar happened to Martin Wallace and he took this as an opportunity to expand the game and design a variant with Brass Birmingham, in which beer plays an important role as a resource. I haven't played Brass Birmingham yet, but it's on order and may arrive later this year. I hope that my fellow players won't then choose a different drink to spread on the game material. I'd rather do without a Brass Newcastle with whisky ;-)

As already mentioned, #BG2GETHER is a format to strengthen networking, so read more interesting articles on the topic directly, e.g. at:

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