The collection - infinite expanses?

Some time ago, Christian from drew my attention to the #BG2GETHER campaign and asked if I would like to take part. With #BG2GETHER, various bloggers, podcasters, vloggers etc. create a post once a month on a topic from the world of board games and link to each other. For me, this is a great opportunity from which all participants benefit through networking. It gives the reader a diverse approach to a particular topic. After last time we talked about luck in games, today we're getting down to the nitty gritty: the board game collection.

How extensive is your board game collection?

I currently have around 160 games in my collection, excluding expansions. I haven't counted smaller (card) games such as Oh my Goods, Mindbug, The Game etc.. That's an estimated 50 more.

How do you decide which games to include in your collection?

Basically, the theme of the game has to appeal to me first for me to even bother with it. If the mechanics are interesting and the game works on the table, then it can go on the shelf. Another criterion for me is the number of players. I don't think I own a game that can only be played with three or more players, because there's a good chance that it won't be played for ages.

At some point I had the idea of completing my collection with all the classics. So I went to the BGG Top 100 and picked out the games according to my criteria that were not yet on the shelf. After a long search, for example, Mechs vs. Minions was added and will be on the table next weekend :-).

What are the reasons why a game has to leave the collection?

It's not often that games leave the collection because I do a lot of research beforehand. But when a game does have to go, it's usually because it doesn't work as well on the table as I had imagined. I recently wrote another article here on the blog about games that have moved out - with reasons, of course. You can find it here: What a load of rubbish.

Unfortunately, there will soon be a new factor that will mean that one or two games will have to leave my shelf: the shelf is slowly filling up. A problem that I'm sure everyone in the #BG2GETHER group is familiar with.

Which title do you keep, even though there are all sane reasons not to?

Some time ago there was a #BG2GETHER about gifts from my childhood. There was the game Treasure of the Incas, which I used to play a lot. Mechanically nothing special, but of course it has a high nostalgic value and therefore remains. I don't think it would be worth reselling it ;-)

Do you feel comfortable with your collection or what would make it ideal?
Basically, I feel very comfortable with my collection. When I sit on the sofa in front of the shelf, I always find something interesting while browsing that I want to pull out of the shelf. I currently see a need for optimisation in reducing the pile of shame (i.e. the games that are sitting here unplayed on the shelf waiting to be played for the first time) and in sorting the games in a sensible way. If anyone has any tips, please post them in the comments below. Otherwise, I suggest that you read other interesting articles on the topic directly on the linked pages:

Analog Games
26.05.2023 - user://Stefan

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