Die Legende der Wicker

The name "Digitales Gelände" can make you frown and wonder what it actually means. A few years ago I rediscovered an old passion: board games. Over time, my collection of board games has grown and tabletops joined in. I was particularly fascinated with tabletop terrain building and everything that goes with it.

Since I work as a programmer in real life, at some point I got the idea to combine job and hobby in a somewhat unconventional way: computer games with self-built terrain. For the beginning it should be a simple 2D Jump'n'Run Adventure. I will write about the progress of the game and especially the model building behind it here regularly.

Level 1

Funnily enough, during the initial reflections on my new hobby project Die Legende der Wicker, the styrofoam blocks that I had painted first ever fell into my hand.

The primer is a dark gray that was drybrushed several times in the further course. The dark gray was always lightened with a little white. The Styrodur was previously properly processed with pencil and aluminum foil. I added some wood glue to the dark gray for the primer to seal the surface against damage to some extent. Unfortunately, there are no photos of the painting, because I assumed that the styrodur blocks would only be used for playing on the table. A small tutorial on painting terrain will soon be available on this blog.

I then photographed the styrofoam blocks and post-processed them with Affinity Photo. The background for the first level was ready and hopefully many more levels will follow ;-)

Digital Model making
14.12.2019 - Stefan