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The year 2020 was difficult in large parts when it came to the world of board games. On the one hand, they have experienced a boom, on the other hand, fairs, events and even meetings with the gaming group could not take place. Our blog has grown steadily this year and other media channels have been added. A reason to say Thank you to all supporters and readers at this point. In the new year, we want to maintain this quality and have made numerous changes to the blog itself over the turn of the year.

From Digitales Gelände to Die Brettspielgilde

Many will have noticed it already. The name Digitales Gelände has almost completely disappeared. The reason is simple: our content is about 90% related to the boardgame world. This should of course be reflected in the name of the blog. From now on you can reach us under the new name Die Brettspielgilde via the domain All content is still accessible via the domain for the time being. My email address also changes to:

Our last reviews were always introduced by a short story that tells about the world of the respective game. If necessary, we will expand this in other directions in the future. For this reason the blog is also available under the domain

The Pinboard

For some time now, we've been on social media on Twitter and Instagram. On the one hand, it's a way to link our blog posts there, on the other hand, we also write many reviews on boardgames there, for which a blog post would be too "oversized". So that the readers of our blog also have access to them, we bundle them under the new menu item Pinboard.

Join us under

From now on our website is also available in english under the domain available. We are confident that the translation of all articles will be completed by 01.02.2021 at the latest. New articles will then always be published in bilingual form. The posts in the social media are also always bilingual if possible.


For all our partners we provide a media kit with our lettering for download. Included are different graphic formats with and without transparency and various sizes. The zip file can be downloaded at the following address:

Brettspielgilde | Mediakit | 7,3 MB

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