Pallets homemade

For wooden pallets, all you need are a few coffee stir sticks, a square wooden stick and some wood glue. The coffee stirrers usually have a width of 5 mm, so the wooden stick should have a corresponding edge length. Since I am often asked where I get my materials for tinkering, here is a brief info:

  • You can get coffee stirrers at the next fast food store or also e.g. at Action, Kodi, eBay ...
  • The square wooden sticks can be found New Year's Eve almost everywhere, but otherwise in all sizes in the hardware store. Alternatively, I have discovered this New Year's Eve cotton candy sticks made of wood (just ask the google).

For a pallet we need the individual parts in the following sizes:

  • 3 sticks with 4cm length
  • 6 sticks with 2,8cm length
  • 6 blocks of the wooden stick with 0,5cm length

The assembly is then quite simple when cut correctly:

  1. Place the 3 large rods on a base.
  2. Glue 3 small sticks with wood glue, so that a grid is formed (see picture 3)
  3. Glue the blocks with wood glue on the corners and in the outer center (see picture 4)
  4. Glue the remaining small sticks crosswise on the blocks
  5. Finished!

After each step, the wood glue should dry briefly, so that everything does not shift directly. The pallets are already ready for the table. Depending on the setting, however, they should still be processed in color.

Model making
09.01.2020 - Stefan