Some time ago Christian from Spielstil.net drew my attention to the #BG2GETHER campaign and asked if I would like to participate. At #BG2GETHER different bloggers, podcasters, vloggers etc. create a post about a topic from the world of board games once a month and link each other. To me, this is a great way for all participants to benefit through networking. The reader gets a diverse access to a specific topic. After last month's post was about gaming snacks, today's post is about the world of entertainment - and it's three questions at once. Let's get started:

Brettspieldude and Rita Modl at Buchstaben Battle. Boardgame Digger at the perfect dinner. In which 3 TV formats could you imagine appearing?

To be honest, I watch very little classic entertainment television. Even the more conservative stuff I can count on one hand and if it were up to that you would see me either in the M√ľnster Tatort, in Wilsberg or in the Simpsons. On further reflection, however, I do remember a TV show that I have always loved since my childhood. Unfortunately, it's no longer in production, but it hasn't lost any of its charm and wit - I could really imagine playing along with it. Maybe you come over the credits on which I mean?.:

A murmur goes through the big old theater hall when the only cone of light in the darkness hits the evening's host. The somewhat greenish shimmering guy welcomes tonight's guest of the evening and hastily and exuberantly asks the visitors to applaud. Immediately the orchestra starts the music, the curtain rises and light floods the entire hall. All the actors enter the stage and sing the intro together. The end of the song is taken over, as always, by the trumpet, played by a gentleman with a really long nose. The audience applauds - even in the balcony. The name of the show is shown once again, it's about, of course: Qvr Zhccrg Fubj


Or have you perhaps even been on television?

Yes, indeed. At the time, it was about a short feature for a large private station on the subject of graffiti paired with a kitschy love story. An acquaintance was working as an editor at the time and asked me if I would like to play a part in it. Of course I didn't miss the chance, but since that day at the latest I know that acting is nothing for me. The film is still here as a VHS box office copy - I've only watched it once in twenty years. Terrible!

In your opinion, does it advance the board game hobby in the minds of the public when you see on TV that there are normal people with enthusiasm behind it?

No, not really. I still think that you have to experience board games together to understand the enthusiasm for them. A TV report can provide an impulse to take a closer look at it. A documentary like Board Games - Willkommen in der Welt der Brettspiele is personally preferable to an entertainment program that has nothing to do with board games.

As already mentioned, #BG2GETHER is a format to strengthen the networking, so read directly other interesting articles on the subject, for example, at:

08.04.2022 - Stefan